Training for extension material development

18-19 May 2017: Twenty six officials from different government departments such as Provincial Departments of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (PDAFF) from the five target provinces of the ASPIRE program, Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE), Royal University of Agriculture, Department of Agricultural Machinery, MAFF information and document center (AIDOC) have improved their understanding and technical skills in extension material development.


Participants of the training in Kampong Cham

Referring to the national agricultural extension policy, the extension material is used as complement tools for improved extension service delivery. Improved capacity of technical staffs to develop good quality extension materials is very necessary to change the knowledge and behavior of the farmers to adopt / adapt new innovations, including climate resilience, farm business, etc.

The training was conducted at Phnom Pros Hotel, in Kampong Cham province. Training facilitator was Mr. Huot Kieu, a national consultant of the ASPIRE program.

Main topics of the training were:

  • General concept of agricultural extension
  • Process of extension material development
  • Techniques in Effective Extension Materials Development
  • Guidelines for Extension Materials Development Training Course




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