Every body wants good health, but wondering current food at markets are really good for health or not. Food safety become main agenda in the Mekong sub region countries as well as other parts of the world. Currently, we have Asean GAP standard that provides guidance and requirement for food safety in the Asean countries. Furthermore, it is important for the Mekong sub-region countries (Cambodia, Vietnam,  Lao, Thailand, Myanmar) to prepare a strategy on promoting safe and environmentally friendly agro based value chain for future implementation in the region.

On 9 February 2017, I participated in the national consultation workshop on Promoting Safe and Environmental-Friendly Agro-based value chain in the Greater Mekong Sub Region: Strategy and action plan 2018-2022 at Le Royal Hotel.

The objectives of the workshop were:

  • Review and deliberate if the GMS strategy ad its pillars are in the right direction
  • Identify the role and each GMS country in the context of pursuing the regional strategy
  • Prepare the accompanying Action Plan for its implementation; and
  • Identify regional investment and policies and institutional/capacity building measures that will be required to implement the strategy.

Approximately, 50 participants consisted of government, private/business associations, NGOs, farmer groups, development partners, etc.

Participants of the workshop

Below are the four pillars of the strategy:

  • Policies and regulations: Development of common policies and harmonized regulations to facilitate production, trade, and investment in safe and environment-friendly agro-based value chain.
  • Infrastructure: Development of regionally integrated safe and environmental friendly agro based value chain infrastructure
  • Knowledge: Knowledge sharing, promotion, and dissemination of innovations related to safe and environmentally-friendly agro-based value chain
  • Branding: Development of regional branding and marketing approaches to promote GMS safe and environmentally-friendly agro-based value chains

Impact: GMS farmers and small and medium agro-enterprises benefit from access to higher value markets and GMS consumers benefit from access to safer food products.

Outcome: GMS is a leading global supplier of SEAP

The WGA aims to present the strategy for endorsement the GMS agriculture ministers’ meeting in September 2017.