29 December 2016: I attended a meeting between ASPIRE team members who worked under Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE)/General Directorate of Agriculture (GDA) and Centre of Excellence on Sustainable Agricultural Intensification and Nutrition (CE-SAIN) team, including Dr. Hok Lyda, CE-SAIN center director and Dr. Borarin Buntong, Deputy Center Director. The ASPIRE Team consisted of Mr. Chin Samouth, Ms. Yim Samnang, Mr. Pol Chanrithy, Mr. Hourt Khieu, and Mr. Yim Sok Sophors. The meeting started from 2:00PM to 4:00 PM at CE-SAIN / Royal University of Agriculture (RUA).


Training & Exchange: CE-SAIN will create technology parks/Conservation Agriculture, so ASPIRE can send model farmers and/or programme staffs to visit the parks or invite experienced farmers to share knowledge and experience with ASPIRE. ASPIRE programme can send farmers, program staff to attend the lecture series / trainings organized by CE-SAIN.

Research and documentation: CE-SAIN will also provide technical and financial support to farmers for conducting innovation experimentation.CE-SAIN will document good practices / success stories and is happy to share with ASPIRE for uploading on web portal. However, they need to go through the quality assurance process of ASPIRE.

Next action: 

  • CE-SAIN will share the schedule of the lecture series with ASPIRE, this will be very helpful for ASPIRE to prepare plan and budget if some participants from ASPIRE to participate in the trainings.
  • CE-SAIN can share extension materials / good practices with ASPIRE programme for posting on web portal for further preceding, review and uploading and web portal.
  • The next meeting will discuss more detail about the specific areas of the cooperation. Each party will review the activity work plan and determine specific areas of cooperation.

ASPIRE works with farmers and especially with poor and vulnerable smallholder farmers, to assist them to develop their farms into profitable and resilient businesses. That means that ASPIRE sees a farm as a business and the purpose of farming is to make a profit by selling produce to the market. Farmers are faced with climate change and other types of risk and so resilience – the ability of the farm business to meet and overcome challenges – is equally as important as making the maximum profit in the short term.

Centre of Excellence on Sustainable Agricultural Intensification and Nutrition (CE SAIN) is funded by USAID. The centre play key role in coordinating projects being implementing by ILs (Innovation Labs) and enhance quality of good practices on sustainable agricultural intensification and nutrition (SAIN) through innovations and technological intervention, agricultural research and new innovative model farming system extension. Establish technology parks to showcase high-potential technologies and strategies to sustainably intensify smallholder farming systems.