28 December 2016: Under the ASPIRE program, a national agricultural extension exhibition was organized at General Directorate of Agriculture (GDA) in Phnom Penh. The exhibition aimed to collect extension materials from all stakeholders who have been working with extension service delivery to farmers. In total, 246 participants (female 93) participated in the event.

– Photo by ASPIRE team –

There were more than 20 booths set up to display extension materials from Government Institutions, NGOs, Projects and Private Sectors such as: TSSD, IRRI, FAO, CARE International in Cambodia, CEDAC, SNV, ADB, World Vision, Heifer Cambodia, CARDI, Vimean (Angkor Vita Co.Ltd), Huy Yun Company, Angkor Green, Village Natural Agricultural Products, ASA, Hoang Long Mekong Group Plc. Fertilizer Ex-M Cambodia, the materials they are brought is: banners, posters, CD/DVD videos, booklets, leaflets.

The exhibition was running smoothly and also provided an opportunity for DAE team to enhance the collaboration between Government, Private sector businesses and extension delivery partners, and NGOs in order to ensure the quality of extension service delivery for Cambodian farmers are of better quality and support they to be resilient to climate change.

– Photo by ASPIRE team –

The collected materials will be reviewed by technical working group and get approval from Agriculture Extension Advisory Committee before uploading on the web portal. According to the national agricultural extension policy, it is important to improve the quality of extension service in Cambodia and quality of the extension material is more important for farmers to get good practices adaptable to climate change and profitable farm business.