Under the ASPIRE program, I am working as a consultant to review and validate agricultural extension materials. The program is setting up extension hub / web portal where extension materials are posted for small farmers, extension workers, development practitioners, students, researchers, policy makers, investor, etc.15676162_1481342605224314_2758609723254913219_o

Currently, we have many extension materials produced by different development projects, agencies but there is no quality assurance under MAFF to make sure that those extension materials are designed in a good format especially for small farmers to understand easily, and more importantly the content is technically correct or not.

Contributing to the 2015 National Agricultural Extension Policy, the ASPIRE program is establishing Agricultural Extension Advisory Committee (AEAC) to be responsible for reviewing the extension materials or production of new materials if needed, but make sure that they are technical correct and farmer friendly.

I will firstly collect and review extension materials produced by MAFF and materials produced by other agencies including NGOs, private sectors, etc.