Business plan development for target communities in 5 selected CPAs

Under the MOE funded assignment, five business plans developed with  the participation from the target groups of the Adaptation Project. Most of the target groups interested in collective selling of chicken and vegetables because of good market demand both at their community and national levels. The target groups agreed on the business model that they need to deposit some start up capital (shareholding) for operating their business. This is a good start for them to join the collective business which is different from private business that they have done before.


Group discussion among the participants in Chom Thlork CPA, Kampong Thom province

Management committee of the business groups established. The participants defined clear roles and responsibilities of each management committee member. The next step is to support these business groups to implement their business plans. Support the community members to improve vegetable production and chicken raising would be the next step, followed by the support on market linkage.

The Ministry of Environment (MOE) has been implementing a project, called “Enhancing Climate Resilience of Rural Communities Living in Protected Areas of Cambodia” in five community protected areas (CPAs) in Siem Reap, Kampong Thom, Preah Vihear, and Mondulkiri provinces. The project objective is to enhance the climate change resilience of
communities living in the CPA intervention sites, as well as downstream communities, to the climate change induced hazard of erratic rainfall.


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