Validation meeting on findings of Climate Vulnerability Impact Assessment

11-15 January 2016: It is to recall that Life and Nature project conducted the Vulnerability Impact Assessment (VIA) in the four target watersheds in September – October 2015. Based on the VIA findings, the project team compiled findings as well as developed Plan of Action for validation meetings with stakeholders in each target province. Representatives from Provincial Department of Environment, Agriculture, Women’s Affairs, and Water Resources as well as commune chief, commune councilors and community representatives participated in the validation meeting. The VIA findings and proposed Plan of Action covered different aspects of the Life and Nature project including watershed, agriculture, gender and alternative livelihood options.

Validation meeting in Preah Vihear © Sophors

Validation meeting in Preah Vihear © Sophors

Participatory methodologies were used such as plenary presentation and discussion, small group discussion, question and answer forum were conducted. Time was adequately allocated for feedback and discussion. In general, presentation on the VIA findings and Plan of Action were firstly conducted in the day 1, followed by the capacity assessment of the government counterpart in day 2. In addition, field visits were conducted in Porpok and Taveaeng Leu communes in order to gain more understanding of the project’s sites.

Validation meeting in Kampong Thom

Validation meeting in Kampong Thom

The mission finished as planned with fruitful result. The participants found one and half day discussion is relevant to their work and the discussion enables them to have a better understanding of what community suggested as solutions as well as project plan of action that is driven by community participation. Current activities, strength, weakness and capacity need of each relevant departments were assessed. This would be useful for the Life and Nature project to design intervention both technical and financial support that enables the line departments to implement the project effectively.


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