Link technology supplier to farmers

27 February 2015, Svay Rieng province: Two field demonstration conducted in Svay Chrum district of Svay Rieng province. The demonstration of treadle pumps, fruit fly trap and rice planting machine were interested in farmers in this community. A woman farmer in Svay Taplor village said “after testing the use of treadle pump, I think that I will save time and labour to carry water from pond to irrigate my vegetables”


According to BB2C, the manufacturer of this tool, the cost of the treadle pump 120$/unit. It can be linked with a sprinkler system to be used for irrigation purpose. Fruit fly trap looked very effective in pest insect control, and the cost 6$/unit. The rice planting machine is about 600$/unit. This may be affordable with the group of farmers or farmer association rather than individual farmers to purchase it. However, it needs to further improve to make it more applicable in the field. Short clip of the field demonstration in Svay Taplor village is here for your view

Link technology supplier to farmers

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