Regional Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) Workshop in Frangipani Hotel, Phnom Penh,

The meeting aimed to update the progress and develop CSA models that fit CSA global models. The meeting was organised with 10 CSA team members in Frangipani Hotel, Phnom Penh from 16-18th February 2015, and a field visit to Svay Rieng province conducted from 19 to 20 February 2015.


Participants of the CSA meeting in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Mr. Erik, SNV-Cambodia country director provided speech to open the meeting. He put the main focus on the development of CSA models that fit CSA models at the global level. Additionally, he added that CSA technologies much be profitable to farmers.

Other key topics discussed in the meeting were the case study, CSA communication, monitoring and evaluation, including the theory of change (ToC), indicators for measuring outcome and resilience, and gender sensitive.

ToC is a living document and may call for adjustment where necessary and where new information is gained.

Each of the country team from Cambodia, Lao, Bhutan and Nepal presented the progress of the CSA project, theory of change, as well as supported needed in terms of business development, communication and gender integration.

The participants also discussed role and responsibilities of the CSA team in doing the business development.

Some points to be added into the CSA intervention were soil testing, CSA needs to consider all spectra of production, cost-benefits analysis, etc.


About Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA)

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