Meeting with PDA- Svay Rieng

From 1-2 February 2015, Mr. Yim Soksophors, advisor for the climate-smart agriculture project of SNV Netherlands Development Organisation conducted a field trip to Svay Rieng province. The purpose of the field trip was to meet with the Provincial Department of Agriculture of Svay Rieng to present the CSA project progress and activity plan for next quarter from Jan to March 2015.


5 PDA staff, including PDA director, CSA focal point, and other relevant staff met during the meeting.

The meeting conducted at the meeting hall of the PDA Svay Rieng. As the result, the meeting enabled PDA director and relevant staff to keep in touch with the CSA project progress and activity plan for next quarter. During the meeting, the PDA director was happy with the achievement of the project especially the contribution of the CSA project to build-up capacity of the PDA staff related to the climate smart agriculture. At the end of the meeting, the PDA director also provided some recommendations:

  1. Concerning to the rainwater harvesting, he suggested another alternative. Using water pipes to collect rainwater to be used for irrigation. “Besides the tarpaulin lining pond, this is also another option to be considered,” he said.
  1. He also suggested the CSA project team to check with General Directorate of Agriculture (GDA)’s Agriculture Tool Office to find out which water supply tools/agricultural equipment that save water.

About Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA)

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