On 14 November 2014, Sophors and Marta conducted a mission to Svay Rieng province.

Objectives of the mission:

– To discuss revision to the collaboration agreement between NSA/CSA and PDA Svay Rieng
– To introduce CSA and NSA projects to project team members nominated by PDA Director
– To prepare activity plans for CSA and NSA project implementation in November and December 2014

Participants: 5 PDA Staff (included 3 PDA staff and 2 officials from District Office of Agriculture/DoA).


Mr. Pin Samon, project focal point nominated by PDA Director attended a meeting with both SNV Advisors to discuss revising collaboration letter. Key points discussed were: 1) Creation of project bank account need to have three signatory persons, included PDA director, accountant, and another relevant staff, 2) Change payment schedule from every month to every three months and 3) revise logistical rate to follow with SNV policy (SNV has different rates for provincial staff and district staff).

Followed by a meeting with the project focal point, another meeting with project team members was organized. The project team members have gained clear understanding about the CSA and NSA projects when SNV advisors provided the clear and precise introduction of the projects during the meeting.  Historical background, main objectives as well as key activities and achievements have already been conducted by the projects presented by both advisors. Through the meeting, we met face-to-face with the project team members from PDA side, and it was a good meeting that more people join the two projects. It is to recall that 2 PDA staff (one from DPA, and one from District Office of Agriculture) were nominated to involve in each SNV project.


Finally, clear work plans for project implementation in November and December were prepared during the meeting, each project team member knows what he/she is going to do in November and December.