From 5 – 7 August 2014, Sophors and Kirina conducuted a field trip to Svay Rieng province. The purpose is to identify and select potential farmers for a research on water storage and supply systems using tarpaulin ponds and Rovai pumps in vegetable production in Svay Rieng province.

The team visited 8 farmers in different villages in Svay Chrum district of Svay Rieng province. Currently, some farmers have started vegetable growing thanks to availability of rainwater. At the same time, some farmers could not plant vegetables due to waterlogging (too much rain).

Farmers said Yard long bean is tolerant to drought, easy to plant and good market price, Svay Rieng, Cambodia

According to the farmers, cucumber, green mustard, yard long bean, and pumpkin are high value crops in this season. Most of the farmers could not plant green mustard at this time due to to waterlogging, so if the farmers who have upper cultivated land they can grow vegetables very well.

Kenn Snoar’s vegetable garden. An active woman farmer in Svay Rieng, Cambodia

As result of the trip, 8 farmers were identified and selected for the research. The CSA project team will develop data recording form and computer database systems to do data input, analysis and reporting. We will organise some field days during the growing season to provide opportunities for other farmers in the project’s targeted villages to visit and learn from the cooperating farmers. More importantly, we will organize a meeting / worshop at field level to present the findings of the research to farmers and other local stakeholders.