Field trip to select farmers for cassava on-farm trials in Tbong Khmum district of Kampong Cham province

From 21-23 May 2014, I conducted a field trip to Roka Por Pram and Kor communes of Tbong Khmum district in Kampong Cham province identify & select farmers on the cassava on-farm trials.

Most of the farmers only apply mono-cropping in cassava production, under the CSA project of SNV, we are introducing intercropping to the cassava farmers in the areas mentioned above. Based on the result of the trials, we expect that the farmers will have learned what practices provide better results in terms of yield, income, soil fertility, etc.


Cassava intercropping with mung bean in Tboung Khmum district of Kampong Cham province © Yim Soksophors

We organised a meeting with the interesting farmers to discuss their knowledge and experience, challenges or contraints they have encountered in the cassava production. Trial protocol was discussed during the meeting. It is to highlight that the farmers are interested to casava intercropping with cow pea, yard long bean (short height variety), and maize.

Farmers will be trained to record, analyse and making reports on the trial results. In addition, the project organise a sharing workshop among farmers, relevant agencies and other stakeholders to present the results, to prepare action plan for future dissemination and replication of the successful practices, etc.


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