On 29 April 2014 Sophors and Marieke had a meeitng with Boonny, director of Save Cambodia’s Wildlife. The objective of the meeting was to know each other as well as to know more detail about the Cambodian Climate Change Network (CCCN). It is to notice that SNVis interested to become a member of this network in order to share and learn knowledge and practical experience in climate smart agriculture among the network members.


At the beginning, Marieke and Sophors introduced to Boony about SNV Netherlands Development Organization to Boony, and then Boonny provided detail background, procedure to become a member of the CCCN, as well as the management structure of CCCN – how CCCNis operated. It was really good to know that the network is opened for all who are interested to become the members. The membership fee has not been determined, it depends on the members to decide whether they need to pay for the membership fee or not.

After the meeting, we all understand each other, and are ready for the cooperation in the future. Boonny will inform secretariate of CCCN about the request of CCCN, and also will inform SNV to participate in the monthly meeting of the network. The meeting ended with fruitful result. SNV will attend the next monthly meeting of CCCN as observer. The membership application will be prepared and submited to CCCN.

SNV is currently implementing a climate smart agriculture programme in Asia (4 countries: Cambodia, BhutanNepal, and Lao-PDR. The objective of the programme is to build up resiliece of the targeted community in coping with the climate chnage impact through the practice of Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA).