On 14 March 2014, Mr. Yim Soksophors, climate smart agriculture adviser together with Mr. Seak Soly, CSA consultant had a meeting with Mr. Chhoung Sophal, dean of agronomy faculty of the Royal University of Agriculture (RUA). The meeting was organized at RUA to discuss the preparation of knowledge sharing workshop on fertilizer application rate for the wet season rice production on Prateah Lang soil type using Pkhar Romduol rice variety. It is to recall that the Netherlands Development Organization (SNV) provided funding support to RUA and General Directorate of Agriculture (GDA) to conduct on farm trials on fertilizer application rate on the wet season rice production in Takeo and Prey Veng provinces. Intern students, voluntary students and farmers participated in the on farm trails. Data collection is completed and the reports are being finalized, the results will be presented in the workshop in order to collect feedback, comment as well as to discuss recommendations for the future action.


Agenda and key responsibility before, during and after the workshop were discussed. Different presentations will be conducted including the general climate change concept to recall the understanding of climate change, results from the fertilizer application rate on farm trials conducted students from RUA will be presented, then plenary group discussion will be carried out to collect feedback and comment from participants.  It is expected that the findings will reflect the application rate the fertilizer adapt to the current practices of the rice production in Cambodia and it would also provide some ideas for Cambodian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI) to update its recommendation on the optimum fertilizer application rate for the wet season rice production.