Ronous Khaeng Community protected area is located in Keo Seima District of Mondulkiri Province. It is about 45 km from Senmonorom provincial town. It takes about 2 hours and a half to three hours for traveling  from the provincial town to the village. In the rainy season, it takes longer time to reach the village.


Almost all of the villagers are Phnong indigenous community. Main family occupation is Chamkar (combination of crops planted in the same land), low land rice farming, livestock husbandry (chicken, pig and cattle raising) and the villagers conduct some off-farm activities such as selling labors and collection of non timber forest product.


Agricultural purpose is to produce food for the family consumption, not for sell. Some families could not produce enough food for eating due to lack of irrigagion water and limited understanding of appropriate agricultural practices.  The land is very dry in the dry season. Farmers said some fruit trees (e.g., mango, coconut, jackfruit etc.) died.

To address the above problems, the community wanted to build some water havesting infrastructure such as water gate, community ponds, open wells, etc. They wanted to have water for drinking and farming.