Community Protected Area – Anglong Kragn village

10 December 2013: Forest resource contributes in main livelihood activities of community members in Anglong Kragn village, Po Pok Commune, Stoung District, Kampong Thom Province. Based on the community members, a Community Protected Area (CPA) was created in 2002 under the facilitation of the Ministry of Environment (MOE), which covered an area of approximately 400 ha. Currently, the size of the forest areas has reduced due to the clearance of forest for farming, it is remained only 200 ha. Some forest lands were cleared by the community members and people from outside the community for planting cashew, cassava, etc. In addition, the CPA management committee lack of financial support to patrol the forest at the regular basis, the CPA members said. The forest areas were cleared while the CPA management committee did not patrol regularly. Some community members think that the conservation of forest is useless while they don’t have enough land for farming, so the forest land should be cleared to expand the agricultural land. At the same time, some community members would like to conserve the forest for the next generation. They think that the the next generation would not know any kind of wild trees if the forest destroyed.

The people collected some wood and non wood products from the forest. Vegetables, mushroom, honey, wildlife are collected for the family consumption. Currently, they see that the volume of honey collection had declined.

forest and farming land within the Anglong Kragn CPA
forest and farming land within the Anglong Kragn CPA

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