From 4-5 October 2012, I had attended a workshop organized by Asian Development Bank (ADB). The workshop discussed about the M&E system of the PPCR project. There were about 50 participants participated in the workshop, the participants were government officials, relevant NGOs, and other development partners.

There were different presentation during the workshop, including the presentation on the PPCR program and highlighted projects that are being developed and will be implemented in the future under the second phase of the PPCR. It was interesting to discuss integration of the PPCR Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) system into national M&E system. The PPCR team expected to  mainstream climate change adaptation into the national M&E system.

Another presentation during the workshop presented about current situation and challenges of M&E system in Cambodia. The participants discussed to find  solutions how to improve the M&E system in Cambodia to become more reliable, accurate, and systematic.

This workshop was very useful ideas related to the M&E system of  the PPCR and the national M&E system. Furthermore, the workshop also provided me useful ideas for developing indicators as well as the M&E system for the climate change adaptation project.