In May 2012, Mr. Yim Sok Sophors conducted a field trip to Siem Reap, Oddar Meanchey, and Preah Vihear provinces. The purpose of the field trip was to identify possible sites for the implementation of watershed management activities.

It is important to notice that a project proposal is being developed for submission to donor. The project is related to climate change adaptation, water harvesting and micro-watershed management, smallholder agriculture development, alternative livelihood options for women and policy mainstreaming at the national and sub-national level.

During the field trip, some findings were found as follows:

– There were not vegetation planted along the canal resulted in strong erosion of the canal bank

– Limited study about the capacity of water flow from the upstream, some rice field within the catchment were flooded while spillway was already constructed

– Farmers normally cultivate only one crop per year, so the land was not used productively

– Limited participation of women in the community development activities

– Some farmers need flooding-tolerant rice varieties but they could not find those kinds of rice varieties in their villages.

+ Cash crops like watermelon, cassava, bean were planted after rice harvest in Pongro commune, Chong Kal district, Oddar Meanchey Province,

+Community fish refuge pond was already established that is good for the natural fish conservation

+ Irrigation canals were already built, so it was a good potential to complement  with the existing projects

Spillway inTuol Sala village, Trapeang Prei commune, Anlong Veaeng district, Oddar Meanchey Province

At this stage, the project team is identifying the potential sites for the project implementation at the field level. After the field trip, the team identified some potential sites that should be selected as the project’s target areas.