Every month the monitoring and evaluation working group, which consist of seven M&E officers, organizes its meeting and team learning to share their activities and results as well as to learn certain topic especially method and tools of monitoring and evaluation.


On 02, December 2011, the M&E working group organized its monthly meeting to share interesting information from the field, key activities and results have been accomplished in the last month, cooperation among the team members to conduct climate vulnerability study in Ratanakiri and Kampong Chhnang province. The study will be conducted from 18-31 January 2011.

During the meeting, Mr. Yim Sok Sophors discussed with other participants about the checklist for collecting additional information of the project entitled “Promoting Climate Resilient Livelihoods of Small Farmers in the most vulnerable dry land areas in Siem Reap andKampongChamProvinces”. Some questions were developed by the participants at that time, included:

  • What are the root causes of poverty?
  • Is there any linkage between poverty and natural disaster/climate change?
  • What are your main challenges in agricultural production?
  • What is your monthly expense for children education?
  • Who support your children education fee? Are there school programs that support learning materials to children education?
  • Why the expense on education less than other expenses of the family?
  • Do your children go to school regularly? Which season they go to school regularly or irregularly? Why?
  • What is the quality of your children education? Which rank/performance do they get every month?
  • Who is the key decision-maker in your family? eg. to take loan, using loan etc?
  • Who is the key decision-maker either buying or selling household properties (eg. Land..)?
  • How has this knowledge helped you be better prepared? Protect your assets?
  • What damages/losses have you suffered due to disasters in the last year? In addition the result related to disaster preparedness expenditure is extremely low. How do you explain this finding?

In the afternoon, Mr.Vang Sean M&E officer of the project Improving Food Security for the most vulnerable families in Prey Veng Province conducted a plenary presentation on his reading document “Using M&E to manage for impact”.