Mondulkiri: 20 November 2011, a CEDAC’s development project[1] in Mondulkiri conducted a district forum for rural youths. In total, there were 66 participants in the forum, including 39 women. It is important to emphasize that local authorities such as village chief, commune councilors, district councilors etc also joined the forum.


The forum was organized in order to share the knowledge and experience of rural youths in relation to climate change, food security, reasons of setting up youth group and network as well as action planning of youth group.

At the inception of the forum, Mr. Pol Samath, project officer presented the objectives and agenda of the forum to the participants in plenary and then Mr. Va Chhom Kaoh Nheaek district councilor presided and provided opening speech for the forum.

During the forum, the participants actively shared their understanding and experiences in relation to sustainable agricultural practices, collective saving group, climate change concept, impact of climate change on household food security and possible solutions to deal with climate change. Mr. Pol Samath then provided additional explanation on the general concept of climate change, causal reasons of climate change as well as synthesized the solutions. He also presented the ecological System of Rice Intensification (SRI), Integrated Home Gardening, Ecological Chicken Raising (ECR), Integrated Farming / Multi-Purpose Farming which are resilient to the change of climate.

In addition, the participants also discussed how to store rainwater to be used for farming purposes, therefore the participants are interested to renovate or dig family ponds, community pond, canal, jar, etc.   

[1] Improving Food Security for Women and Rural Poor in Mondulkiri Province