CEDAC hosts an exposure visit by Director of Winrock International-Cambodia

From 11 -12 August 2011, CHES project of CEDAC organized an exposure visit to Pursat province with the participation of 4 participants[1]. It is important to notice that the visit was conducted by Mrs. Anna Deonela Director of Winrock International. Mr. Sem Samnang CEDAC’s staff hosted the visit. The purpose of the visit was to assess the agricultural innovation practices by CBF (Community based facilitator), target families, young agri entrepreneurs who have been trained by CEDAC. In total, the visitors visited and interviewed 8 peoples including 6 women. Those eight people are 5 young agri entrepreneurs, 2 target families, 1 CBF.

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As the result, Mrs. Anna Deonela highly appreciated to the effort and achievements have been made by CBFs, TFs, and YAEs. She noticed that many farmers have applied agricultural innovations introduced by CEDAC. However, she would like young agri entrepreneurs to improve the recording system regarding to their business activities.

With funding support from United States Department of Labor (USDOL) through Winrock International, CEDAC is implementing a project called “Children’s Empowerment through Education Services (CHES)”. The project contributes to improving the livelihood strategy for targeted children ages 15 to 17 years old and parents of withdrawn children of the CHES project. To get detail information about the project please click http://www.cedac.org.kh/Ip_pdf31.pdf

[1] Mrs. Anna Deonela, Director of Winrock International, Mr. Yos Mara, Provincial Program Coordinator of Winrock, Mr. Sem Samnang, Farmer Community Facilitator, Mr. Phorn Phanit, Assistant.

CEDAC hosts an exposure visit by Director of Winrock International-Cambodia

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