Consultation Meeting on Climate Change Risks and Food Security

On 12 August 2011, Mr. Yim Sok Sophors participated in the consultation meeting on climate change risks and food security organized by EC-FAO Food Security Programme at Himawari Hotel. At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Chuob Paris chaired the meeting by providing opening speech and then the focal point of the ministry of agriculture, forestry and fisheries also provided remark on the project.

Chairmen of the meeting

Later on, several speakers presented their climate-related projects in plenary. Question and answer was conducted after each presentation. I myself also presented about activities have been undertaken by CEDAC in relation to sustainable agriculture, food security and climate change. I would like to emphasize that the discussion focused on response to climate change risks and food security report in the context of agriculture, forestry and fisheries, environment, disaster management, development partners etc.

Next, the participants discussed and identified of key issues of climate change risks to food security that need to be taken up during further work. I have noticed that most of the participants commented on the information sharing/dissemination. They would link to ensure that villagers or farmers can better access to climate-related information so that they can decide and prepare themselves to deal with the climate risks. Lastly, the wrap up meeting was conducted to conclude the consultation meeting. Participants had a good lunch at Oyster Restaurant in Himawari Hotel.


About Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA)

Smallholder Agriculture Specialist / National Consultant for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in Cambodia.
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One Response to Consultation Meeting on Climate Change Risks and Food Security

  1. mengcheang says:

    Dear borng,

    Very interesting that you present on climate change undertaken CEDAC. to me, I just am starting to learn about climate. Few day ago, I attended climate change workshop “Trasfer REDD+ to community”. I am feel not easy to understand. Thank workshop same organized by FAO.

    See you later

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