Kampong Speu: 04 August 2011, a developed project of CEDAC, called Enhancing the participation of farmer associations in local governance and development through capacity building and cooperation with local authorities in five districts of Takeo and Kampong Speu provinces, Cambodia/EPF” supported 18 Community-based advisor[1] (3 women) to organize monthly meeting. Those CBAs came from 4 target districts (Samrong, and Tramkak districts of Takeo Province, Kong Pisei, and Baseth districts of Kompong Speu Province). The meeting was organized to share the result of agricultural experimentation, prepare rice business plan for 2011 and data sheet for recording the experimentation. During the meeting Mr. Rasika, international volunteer, also shared his experiences in seed selection and germination in Sri Lanka with the participant.


As a result, 11 farmers commit to produce 2,197 kg of good quality rice seed for selling in 2011; those rice seeds are fragrant rice varieties that are good market demand like: Jasmine Rice, Romdul and Somaly. Lastly, the participant had learned and understood clearly about data sheet for recording the experimentation result. Farmers expect to produce a good report on the agricultural experimentation this year.

Please click here to see detail of the project mentioned above http://www.cedac.org.kh/Ip_pdf37.pdf

[1] CBA is playing very important role to advise and disseminate agricultural innovations to the farmers in their respective communities. This will help other farmers to better access technical information to improve their agricultural production and farm management.