09 August 2011, Mr. Yi Kim Than Program Director and Mr. Yim Sok Sophors Program Officer of CEDAC’s Field Program participated in the Capacity Building Workshop on Climate Smart Disaster Risk Reduction (CSDRM) at Himawari Hotel Apartment. 37 participants from JAG, NGOs, NCDM, NCCN, and UN; two senior program staff who are responsible for program/project management of each the following agencies participated in the workshop, CEDAC, Action Aid, CARE, Caritas, Church World Service, Concern Worldwide, DCA/CA, LWD, NCDM, Oxfam GB, Oxfam America, DRC/CRC, Plan, Save the Children, WVC, etc.


Objectives of the workshop were:

  • To present and explain in detail the Climate Smart Disaster Risk Reduction Mangemetn approach
  • To briefly assess the level of application and integration of CSDRM approach in the existing programs of the participants’ organization in Cambodia
  • To identify opportunities and challenges of the integration of CSDRM in existing programs

At the beginning of the workshop, self introduction and presentation on CSDRM were facilitated by Mr. Sok and Mr. Bunna PLAN Cambodia. Mr. Yim Sok Sophors presented CEDAC’s Climate-related Projects and then Mr. Yi Kim Than present CEDAC’s Experience in applying CSDRM. Later on, Ms. Fran PLAN International introduced the PM&E process – an overview – introduction the indicators and the operational environment. Afterward, the participants worked in organizational group to discuss the entry points. The participants had also worked on the commitment (what they want to do/be), need (what do they need), and who can support.

In conclusion, the workshop was very helpful to strengthen knowledge and cooperation with partner NGOs. More importantly, the participants have gained more idea to integrate CSDRM into their existing program/project.