Today is 05 August 2011 and also the last working day of this week. I wish you enjoy your weekend with your friends and your beloved family.


Let come back to describe about my activities and achievement today. At the morning, Mr. Yi Kim Than and I had a meeting with Mr. Hou Sereyvathna and Ms. Ngin Virak UNDP’s staff to continuously discussed on the proposal improvement. After discussion, I came to CEDAC head office and finalized the proposal in compliance with the comment from UNDP. The latest revised proposal was sent to UNDP in this afternoon and hopefully we will have MOA (Memorandum of Agreement) signatory next week. In my mind, even a small grant project but it consumes much time which is quite similar to a big project — we need scarify our time and effort for it. However, we will get this project and it can be a co-financed project with the current project IFWP-MP that is provided by EU and concluded at the end of this year. After EU funding project, CEDAC will implement 2 development projects in Mondulkiri for the year 2012-2013, one is UNDP funding project (16 months) and another is the gender-related project from CESVI (Spanish Government) through the cooperation with CEVIS MUNDI (24 months). We need to have a good team to implement these projects. Manager need to be effective and at the same time, team members need to have strong willingness and high commitment to complete the project successfully which results in making positive changes for the target communities. Our effort will create an improved way of life for the community people.

I also devoted my time to correct the 2010 Annual Review of CEDAC’s Field Program in the afternoon. I found some mistakes in writing and proved them to Chandy for correction. I would like to let you know that we are going to publish our Annual Review soon and this is also the first time for us to publish it.

I am impressed to read the training report produced by Chandy. It is long report which recorded all the content and learning process on Gender. I think that the report provides useful content, agenda and methodology which is good for us to use afterward. However, in the report, I noticed that there are some misspellings to be corrected. As a Cambodian citizen, we need to know well how to write Khmer Language correctly. Now we are suggested to follow the dictionary of Samdech Sang Chun Nat.

Thank you very much and wish you good weekend.