This is my brief in relation to my activities on 01 August 2011:


1. Working on proposal to UNDP

At the morning, I worked on the improvement of the project proposal to UNDP. Actually, I improved the proposal from Business as usual to Climate Change Adaptation related project. for instance, I highlight clearer about the rehabilitation of community ponds, family ponds, canals that are useful for farmers to improved water accessibility.

I sent the updated proposal to UNDP this morning, and hope that we can get response from UNDP soon. I would like to express that the project expected to start in August and end in November 2012.

2. Time sheet for July and Planning for August

I summed-up activities and results that I have done in July. I would like to mention that, in July it was a good time for me to join the first meeting on Climate Change Adaptation in the Lower Mekong Basis: Sharing Less and Experience that was held by Mekong River Commission (MRC). Actually, I learned new ideas relating to CCA from the meeting. It would be helpful for me to gain some ideas for developing climate-related project in the future.

3. End line survey and end project evaluation

At the afternoon, I communicated with some consultancy firm in relation to the application for end line survey and end project evaluation. It is important to notice that CEDAC, HKI and WHH are going to conduct end line survey and end project evaluation in September and October 2011. The joint endline survey and end project evaluation is funded by EU (food security project).

So far, several consultancy firms have asked for the TOR from me and 2 among them have already sent the application for the survey and evaluation.

Hope that we can select the potential consultancy firm for doing this important task.

4. Baseline survey for the Project “Promoting Climate Resilient for Small Scale Farmers in Samaky Meanchey district, Kampong Chhnang Province”

At the afternoon, I wrote some parts of the baseline survey report for PCR-KCP project. I was able to know that the average rice yield of wet season rice production is 1700 kg/ha which is lower than the national average. Approximately 42% of the total sample farmers experienced rice shortage for family consumption. Therefore, they need to busy additional rice from markets, approximately 310 kg/year per household. They spent about 130 USD to buy additional rice.

Phnom Penh, 01 August 2011                                                                                                                                                                      Written by Yim Sok Sophors