Monthly Meeting of CEDAC’s Field Program

On 29 July 2011, CEDAC’s Field Program organized its one-day monthly core team meeting in the Head Office of CEDAC in Phnom Penh. 19 participants[1] (3 women) participated in the meeting, including project officers, project coordinators, program assistant, program officers and program director.

During the meeting, the participants share interesting news from the field, progress of each project, discussion on technical report on ecological System of Rice Intensification, ecological village, rice seed selection and purification, cooperation etc.

After the meeting, the participants have learned very well about the progress of each project under the CEDAC’s Field Program as well as to gain more ideas for writing up the technical report on SRI. In addition, staff will take more attention to promote SRI practices to farmers in this rainy season through the organization of SRI field day[2].


[1] It is important to notice that a representative from FNN (Farmer and Nature Net) also participated in the meeting.

[2] Farmers are invited to join the SRI transplanting day in the field so that they can learn how to apply SRI techniques. At the same time, it will also help to disseminate SRI to other farmers.


About Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA)

Smallholder Agriculture Specialist / National Consultant for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in Cambodia.
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