36 years old Huon Huy, a cooperating farmer of a CEDAC’s project, called “HMB4/Happy Mountain Bird: Ensuring Access to Primary Education for Children of the Poorest Families” who live in Rong Damrey village, Phnom Tauch commune, O Dong district, Kampong Speu province.


After participating in a training organized by CEDAC’s staff, he is interested to produce bio liquid fertilizer for cucumber and maize planting. He combined 3 kg of ripe banana with 1 kg of sugar palm for 15 days in bottle, he opened bottle once a day.

After 15 days, he mixed one spoon of liquid fertilizer with 10 liters of water for watering cucumber and maize; it is important to notice that he watered his crops every two days with this liquid fertilizer.

He has noticed that the crop was not only growing faster and tasty, but also decrease in pest infestation.