A five-day training session on Gender being organized at CEDAC Head Office in Phnom Penh, from 18-22 July 2011, with the participation of approximately 30 CEDAC staff. Pheak and Leakhena are the trainers, they all come from GADC (Gender and Development for Cambodia).


At the inception of the training, Ms. Tong Chantheang Program Officer of CEDAC presented the training project “Building Capacity for CEDAC Staff for Effective Mainstreaming Gender issue in Development Project”. It is important to notice that this project is funded by Ecumenical Scholarship Program (ESP).

Plenary presentation, question and answer, brainstorming session, small group discussion, role play etc were employed during the training in order to ensure an active participation from the participants. Gender concept, sex and gender, roles and responsibilities of man and woman, gender and decision making, gender in agriculture, gender approach, gender mainstreaming etc.