On July 11, 2011, with funding support from PDI-Cambodia, CEDAC organized a village general meeting to select interested farmers in Champei village Ta Yaek Commune SoutrNikom district Siem Reap Province. Mr. San Sorn, Community Field Facilitator of CEDAC facilitated this meeting with the participation of 45 villagers (39 women). In addition, 2 staff of PDI-Cambodia, Mr. Chan Serey and Mr. Lim Kinal, also participated in this meeting.

According to the meeting, the villagers have understood the concept of the project, outputs, and key activities to be implemented by the project in their village. It is important to notice that 35 out of 45 total participants interested to cooperate with the project and they would like learn various agricultural innovations such as Ecological Chicken Raising, Integrated Pig Raising, Fish Raising, Earthworm Raising, ecological System of Rice Intensification (SRI), Compost making etc. During the meeting, some learning materials (Farmer Magazine of CEDAC) were distributed to the participants. The project staff will continue organizing the village general meeting in other two target villages and then exposure visit will be organized to visit and learn from successful farmers in other CEDAC’s target areas.