Ngem Sok, is a widow who living with HIV/AIDS and a cooperating farmer with a CEDAC’s project named Development of food production, farming incomes, nutrition and resilience in rural Cambodia/FF SR&PV. She lives in Resey Leap Village, Samrong Commune, Kampong Ror District, Svay Rieng Province. Since 2010, she has cooperated with the project mentioned above and become a member of poorest group. She has received capacity building on ecological agricultural innovations from the project, including the technique of Ecological Chicken Raising (ECR), ecological System of Rice Intensification (SRI), compost making, vegetable growing, fish raising etc. She also attended an exposure visit organized by the project to visit and learn from successful farmers in other CEDAC’s target provinces.

Then, she applied many agricultural techniques introduced by the project, she planted vegetables on arable land of 0.01 ha and get income of 370,000 riels/year (approximately 92 USD) from vegetables and 300,000 riels/year (approximately 70 USD) from chicken. In addition, she also got some incomes from off-farm activities, 500,000 riels/year (approximately 125 USD), through selling her labor to transplant rice for the other farmers in the village. Therefore, her annual income is 292.5 USD or about 0.8 USD per day. Before the project, she could not make any income from on-farm activities, and the income from off-farm activities was not able her to have enough food consumption.

She is very happy with the project as she can generate income from agricultural practices; she can produce healthy agri-product for daily consumption and getting more and more knowledge from the training support provided by the project. She would like to encourage all members of the poorest group especially those who are living with HIV/AIDS need to pay highly attention to the practice of ecological agriculture. She added that “eating organic vegetables enable us to be healthier”. Last but not least, she committed to continue the agricultural practices while she is gaining more incomes from agriculture.

Written by San Sorn, Farmer Community Facilitator