07 July 2011, I am in Kaoh Nheaek district, Mondulkiri Province to accompany Mr. Sim Samoeun Executive Director of CEDAC on a field visit to the project Improving Food Security for Women and Rural Poor in Mondulkiri Province. We left Senmonorom at about 8 am and arrived at Kaoh Nheaek at 10 am (2 hours). At the afternoon, Mr. Sim Samoeun, Mr. Pol Samath Project Officer and I (Yim Sok Sophors project coordinator) met and discussed with Kaoh Nheaek district governor about land for construction of Community Based Learning and Marketing Center (CBLM).


CBLM is belong to the community where they can use as a learning place, market, the place that they come to save and borrow money from SoSor (Saving Cooperative). After the discussion, we are pleased to hear that the district governor will provide a space inside the district hall compound for the construction of CBLM.

After that, we had a meeting with about 15 representatives of farmer groups, village based farmer organizations, village chief, commune chief and other stakeholders to discuss the process of CBLM establishment. We plan to spend about 50,000 USD for the construction of one CBLM in Kaoh Nheaek, 20 % of total cost will be contributed from the community. Mr. Pol Samath project officer will continue to discuss with this group of people to set up temporary construction management committee.

In general, the farmers are happy to hear that CBLM will be built in their community so that they can use it for collective benefit. The community people will discuss soon the contribution, design the building, send official letter to the district authorities to ask for land etc.