With funding support from Population and Development International – Cambodia (PDI – Cambodia), CEDAC is implementing a project titled “Village Development Partnership Project in Ta Yaek Commune, Soutr Nikom District, Siem Reap Province”.

Objective of the project: To contribute to the increased food production of 300 farmer families in 3 target villages through promotion of ecological and diversified agricultural techniques.

The project will target farmer families who are living in the three target villages and are interested in being involved with the project especially those who are members of Village Development Bank (VDB). It is expected that 100 target farmer families will be targeted as beneficiaries of the project through their cooperation and application of new innovations which are introduced by the project as well as received direct support from the project staff.  Additionally, 200 farmer families will be targeted as indirect beneficiaries as they will see and learn experience from cooperating farmers. These families will participate in trainings, meetings, workshops, and exchange visits which are organized by the project, will receive learning materials provided by the project, and learn from other cooperating farmers in the villages.  In total, 300 farmer families will be final beneficiary of the project.

The project will be implemented for 12 months starting from June 2011 until May 2012.

Within one year of project implementation, it is expected that 100 farmer families will have applied new innovations introduced by the project, such as System of Rice Intensification, compost making, ecological chicken raising, home gardening, fish-raising and multi-purpose farming (MPF); these families are regarded as the direct beneficiaries of the project.  In additional, another 200 farmer families will have indirectly benefited from the project by participating in project activities, seeing and learning from the experience in innovations practice of cooperating farmers and receiving learning materials from the project.

These are the key activities of the project:

  • Selection and grouping  of interested farmers
  • Project introduction and cooperating farmer identification and selection
  • Organize village general meetings
  • Organize trainings for interested farmers on the subject of sustainable agriculture
  • Supporting cooperating farmer to organize their own learning groups
  • Organize refresher trainings for cooperating farmers
  • Organize extra-exposure visit and intra-exchange visit for cooperating farmers
  • Organize thematic workshops
  • Provide individual follow-up advice