By Yim Chansopheak

Exposure visits are conducted to increase farmer’s confidence in many kinds of sustainable agriculture innovations especially on concepts of soil improvement, agro-forestry, chicken and fish raising, multipurpose farming and system of rice intensification. Kampong Cham area will have 10 exposure visits to Prey Veng Province. During 14-15 (first trip) & 16-17 (second trip), June, there were about 135 interested farmers in 7 communes, Dambea district were being visited in sustainable agriculture which facilitated by project staff.

In the first day of each trip, farmer groups has visited on System of rice intensification, multipurpose farming, ecological chicken raising, fish raising, multipurpose tree, and vegetable growing at Sithokadal, Bathom, Brastach and kampong Trabek districts, Prey Veng province. At Sithokadal district, Mr. Chay Phon, owner of SRI farmland, hosted our exposure visit and demonstrate his success with sustainable agriculture innovation by receiving 2 time of rice harvest, the first he use short cycle variety, and second using medium cycle variety, after that vegetable will be planted on the rice field. After finishing of field visit, he has showed some useful ideas as below

  • Crop rotation between rice and legume crop
  • Adjustment of rice variety, example,  if we plant Senpidor variety, we will use another variety after harvesting Senpidor
  • Methodologies to do compost fertilizer

In the second day of each trip, the exposure visit focus mainly on strengthen knowledge about sustainable agriculture innovation by discuss together. Therefore, the interested farmers were divided in to 6 groups to do reflection what knowledge they have received during exposure visit. After that, Mr. Hour Sreng, Project Coordinator has raised 3 questions by firs, second and fourth question will discuss in group and third question will be done by individually.

Questions Answering of each group
1. What have you seen during exposure visit?  Transplant 1 seedling per spot and make tiller until 52, peanut and mungbean, vegetable, sugarcane, water melon, cucumber, lemon,  fish raisin and fruit tree, manure hill, canal around rice field and pond, making natural feed in fish pond, compost fertilizer, Rice field can produce 4 times of yield. Earth worm raising,
2. Which techniques have you interested in?  Fish, chicken and pig raisin. SRI
3. What techniques will you try to apply in your village?  Chicken and fish raising, SRI, vegetable, sugarcane,
4. Please help to comment on this trip Enjoy to do exposure visit with CEDAC

Finally, Mr Hour Sreng, Project Coordinator, has showed some methods involving to sustainable agriculture as below

  • Methodologies to do EM, in order to mix with chicken feed
  • Soil improvement of cassava plantation by inter-row with other species of legume crop
  • Soil erosion prevention and other questions of participants

I have received more knowledge form exposure visits especially on Multipurpose farming, and system of rice intensification, but farmers more interested in Ecological chicken raising than other techniques.