On 8 June 2011, with funding support from EED, CEDAC organized a consultative workshop to strengthen the cooperation between the district office of women’s affairs and women farmer promoters, to present the positive changes of women after cooperating with CEDAC’s project.

77 participants from 2 provinces (Takeo and Kampong Speu) participated in the workshop. The participants consisted of chief of Tramkak district office of women’s  affairs office, chief of Borseth district office of women’s affairs, women and children focal points, and women farmer promoters from Tramkak district inTakeo Province, Kong Pisei and Borseth districts in Kampong Speu Province.

During the workshop, representatives of women farmer promoters shared their positive changes to the participants. Then, the women and children focal points presented activities and results accomplished by the district office of women’s affairs. Later on, Ms. Mok Chenda CEDAC’s staff member who is responsible for women presented the history of gender, differences between gender and sex, people perception on gender etc.

To find out the mechanism for strengthening the cooperation among all stakeholders mentioned above, the facilitator divided the participants into small groups to discuss the following questions:

  1. After listening to the presentation on the positive change of women, what can you apply as you are a women promoter?
  2. What will the government district offices apply after the workshop?
  3.  According to your ideas, how can we do to improve the cooperation between the government officials and the women farmer promoters? Please describe the methods and purpose of cooperation.

In conclusion, the government officials and women farmer promoters have known and understood about the activities, types of services provided by the district office of women’s affairs as well as the activities carried out by the women farmer promoters. Furthermore, they are clear about the action plan to be implemented in the near future.