By Yim Chansopheak

Cassava is a kind of upland crop that is very popular to grow on upland area. Cassava is planted inter-row with legume crop, maize, rubber and other crops. Obviously, it has occurred in Dambea district, Kampong Cham province. If they cultivate cassava with mungbean, they will keep inter-line around 1.2 meter and 0.4 meter of each spot. Mungbean crop is very suitable with cassava than other kind of legume crop because mungbean is harvested about 2 months after planting, oppositely soybean and peanut are harvested about 3-4 months after planting. During 3-4 months, cassava will make more shade on these crops. Some farmers grow cassava with maize; I think that this system isn’t appropriate to sustainable agriculture because among of these crops need more amount of nutrients, that are to degrade soil fertility.

Yield of cassava per hectare are different, depending on kind of soil, soil fertility, and crop management. The red soil and black soil are very good to cultivate cassava than sandy soil. Most of farmers in upland area utilize a lot of herbicide and insecticide on their farm that are very harmful to farmers, consumers and environment. The majority of households in this district not only occupy on cassava plantation but they also have got rice field. Some farmers produce seedling by broadcasting or hit the soil to sow look like upland rice.