Svay Rieng Province: On the 23 May 2011, Food Facility Project of CEDAC organized a training workshop for 81 management committee members (21 women) of the Village Based Farmer Organizations who come from Chantrea and Kompong Ror districts, Svay Rieng province. The training workshop aimed to sum up the progress of the VFO, to exchange knowledge and experiences in relation to the leadership and management of the farmer organization, as well as discussed about collective saving.

Currently, there are 15 VFOs have conducted collective saving and now they have a total capital of 443,809 800 riels (approximately 110,952 USD). Particularly, 6 SoSors (collective saving network) was already set up with the total capital of 8 542 800 riels (approximately 2,135 USD).

It is important to notice that the VFOs and SoSors is playing very important role for community development. VFO is disseminating the knowledge and successful experiences of agricultural innovations and community development activities to the villagers. And SoSor is also providing saving and credit services with appropriate interest rate for agriculture and business investments.