PHNOM PENH: On 6th May, 2011 Dr. Yang Saing Koma President of CEDAC facilitated a training session on Project Management for 18 CEDAC staff members (3 women). The participants comprised of the project officers, project coordinators, program officer, project Monitoring and Evaluation Officers, and program assistant.Untitled

The contents of the training were mainly focused on Meaning of Project Management, Main element of Project Management, Reflection on Mistakes of Managing the Project, and Analyzing on SKAH (Skill, Knowledge, Attitude, and Habit) needed to change and improve. Moreover, Project Management Evaluation Sheet was practiced by the participants in order to set up action plan to improve and increase the score on each point in evaluation sheet. All participants will share their improvement with each other at the next training session.

It is important to notice that different training methodologies were employed during the training, including brainstorming session, plenary discussion, base line sheet, sharing of experience in seller character, small group discussion, plenary presentation etc.

As a result, the participants have gained more knowledge and skills in self-management and project management. They deeply understood the differences between Manager and Leader, how to find mistake and how to solve it next time (lessons-learned). Furthermore, they were clear with the meaning of the key words: Plan, Project and Management, reflection on the repeat mistakes that happened in the managing project and procedure of solving repeat mistakes. Moreover, they also gained the concept of managing as seller that should focus on the quality and quantity of seller, product and client especially loyalty of client.