Mr. Pov San, 39, is a cooperating farmer of the project Improving Food Security for the most vulnerable families in Prey Veng who lives in Thnout village, Cheurkach commune, Baphnom district, Prey Veng province. He has cooperated with CEDAC since 2004 and is also the leader of the village based farmer organization.

Before cooperating with Project, he didn’t regularly join the monthly meetings of the farmer organization, because he was busy with selling cattle), and didn’t care for the association or to practice agriculture techniques.

Once, he participated in the village general meeting organized by IFS-PV, he became interested in cooperating with the project, because he wanted to learn agriculture techniques from the project.

After cooperating with project for 6 months, he became involved in many of project’s activities, especially the agricultural techniques which t he had never practiced before.  He conducted experimentation on an area of 0.1 ha by comparing the rice yield of SRI practice versus traditional practice.  In addition, he conducted zero-tillage rice transplanting on an area of 0.1 ha. As of now, he has been selected to become one of the experimenting farmers of the Project. Furthermore, he has also practiced Ecological Chicken Raising (ECR) and vegetable growing at his homestead, in order to produce adequate food for family consumption.

In general, after cooperating with IFS-PV, he has improved his attitude regarding the practice of agricultural innovations such as SRI, chicken raising, vegetable growing etc. For the next season, he would like to practice SRI on land the area of 1 hectare.