PHNOM PENH: From 02-04 April 2011, CEDAC’s Institute for Local Development (CILD) had organized a three-day training course on Organic Vegetable Growing for 30 staff of Bayon Heritage Holding Group Co. Ltd. The training mainly focused on definition and advantage of organic vegetable growing, impact of chemical pesticide on environment, economic and health, seed selection and storage etc. Participatory training methods were used such as plenary presentations, small group discussion meeting, brainstorming session field visit and demonstrations, question and answer forum etc were employed during the training.

According to the impression and evaluation from the participants, 72% of participants rated “good” for the training content and facilitation; 66% of them rated “good” for place and no one rated “poor”. In general, the training was completed fruitfully with strong cooperation of facilitators, participants, and organizers. It was responding to the expectations of the participants. Based on the participants’ action plans, the participants have committed to apply this technique and spread out to farmers in their respective target areas.