MONDULKIRI: from 21-24 April 2011, CEDAC Mondulkiri organized a training session for six Community Field Assistants. The training topics focused on System of Rice Intensification (SRI). In the meantime, SRI training curriculum and action plan for SRI promotion were discussed and developed among the participants.

As a result, the participants have gained more understanding on SRI techniques and they are sure what and how to do with SRI promotion in the coming wet season. They expected that there would be more farmers apply SRI in 2011 wet season. In 2010, 230 families have practiced SRI techniques on the cultivated area of 29.1 ha.

It is important to notice that, with funding support from European Union (EU), CEDAC is implementing a project called “Improving Food Security for Women and Rural Poor in Mondulkiri Province”. The project aims to enable the subsistence farmers and vulnerable social groups especially women to increase their economic and social conditions through increased food production and income as well as through improved social cooperation. The project is covering in 30 villages across 9 communes in 2 districts (Kaoh Nheaek and Pech Chreada).