Mr. Tarll Pharn is 47 years old, lives in Spean Chrey village, Senareach Oddom commune, Preah Sdach district, Prey Veng Province, Cambodia. He has cooperated with the CEDAC’s project since 2010. After receiving the training on System of Rice Intensification (SRI), he was interested to experiment SRI on a small plot of 0.24 hectare and as a result he harvested 440 kg (approximately 1.83 t/ha). In 2009, he got only 1.15 t/ha from the same plot. Therefore, it means that, in 2010, he increased the rice yield 59% higher than 2009.


He applied some techniques of SRI below:

  • Sowing less amount of rice seed (with small density), it means he reduced the amount of seed for sowing so that he could produce healthy seedlings,
  • Transplanting young seedling with the age less than 15 days
  • Transplanting in square pattern / in row
  • Shallow root transplanting and leveling the soil
  • Using compost / cattle manure

It was able to see the different expenses on production cost for SRI practices and conventional practices. With SRI practices, he spent only 63,000 riels (approximately 15.75$) for buying additional seeds and hiring labor, but he spent 198,000 riels (49.5$) for the conventional practices as he needed to buy chemical fertilizer and pesticide but he had not any expense for SRI. He mentioned that he is planting SRI on the land of 0.4 ha in 2011 and he would encourage the other farmers in his village to apply SRI.

He recalled that at the beginning many farmers laughed at him because they did not have any confidence in SRI, but after receiving a higher yield, he and other farmers are gaining more confidence in SRI. He added that he could reduce much expense on production cost, saving labor and time but receiving a better yield.