Currently, CEDAC Field Program is implementing 24 development projects. The program is implementing different natures of the project including livelihood improvement, climate change and natural resource management, food facility, food security, primary education, HIV/AIDS, vocational training, entrepreneurship, clean drinking water, women empowerment and gender equity, and local governance. In addition, we are recently implementing a project called “South and South Exchange Program”, we not only send our staff to work abroad, but also receive staff from international partners to work in our country. Mr. Hong Bunna will go to Laos-PDR and Mr. Vann Saran will go to Thailand, departure on 23 April 2011.

It is important to emphasize that livelihood activities are integrated into various development project of CEDAC Field Program, so it means that we link livelihood with other sectors/fields, for example livelihood + natural resource, livelihood + education, livelihood + HIV/AIDS, livelihood + women empowerment etc. On the other hand, some projects are also working to improve nutrition intake for example IFS-PV… In the future, we will try to develop more project concerning to improving nutrition of the rural poor.