The project called “Promoting climate resilient livelihoods for Small-Scale Farmers in Most Vulnerable Dry Land Areas in Siem Reap and Kampong Cham Provinces” is organizing the village general meeting.


According to the data from 39 villages in Siem Reap Province, it is able to know that 57 villagers, on average, participated in each village general meeting, 75% of the total participants were women. Approximately 20% of the total participants were the interested farmers (67% of the total interested farmers were women).

In short, it is able to see that majority of the participants are women, and women also the ones who are interested with the project. Therefore, it is good if the project can work very well with the women and also engage men to support women in cooperation with the project.

* The project mentioned above is implementing by CEDAC, PLAN Cambodia, and PLAN UK with funding support from the European Union (EU)