Progress of the project PRC-KCP in March 2011

In March 2011, the project staff organized a communal workshop with the participation of 26 participants who come from 5 project’s target villages. The participants comprised of commune council members, farmer representatives, and leaders of the village based farmer associations.

Ngem Sok

During the workshop, the participants were divided into 3 groups to discuss their problems regarding to climate change in their communities as well as finding the possible solution to deal with the climate change hazards. In addition, the vulnerability map was also drawn and then all of the participants discussed the roles and responsibilities of each project’s stakeholder (including farmers, commune council and CEDAC as the project implementer).

  • Key Farmers will try to develop the demonstrative farms in order to disseminate the agricultural innovations from farmer to farmer in the villages.
  • Commune council will help to allocate some amount of money to construct the water gates.
  • CEDAC/project will provide training for farmers and other local stakeholders to have sufficient knowledge and capacity in applying Climate resilient agricultural technique, contribute to construct water gates, etc.
Progress of the project PRC-KCP in March 2011

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