In the morning, we continued the meeting from the yesterday, discussed about gender issue happening in Kaoh Nheaek and Pech Chreada districts. Methodologically, we discussed the problems, challenges and possible solutions district-by-district.

Mondulkiri 2

Problem / Challenge Solution
Women lack of capacity and skill to manage their group effectively
  • Provide further capacity building for management committee members on practical leadership and management, simple calculation method, financial report etc.
  • Organize exchange visit for the management committee members to learn from experienced management committee members of the other groups.
Some women management committee members are illiterate so that they cannot help the group in recording and reporting
  • Try to encourage the members who are literate to become the management committee members.
  • Encourage the other villagers to become the members. However, the project staff need to explain them clearly to make the new comers are really interested to join the group voluntarily.
  • Develop recording for members, simple symbol is recommended.
Women do not understand the basic health care / sanitation and lack of nutritious food (food diet)
  • Capacity building for women to understand the basic health, basic health, nutritious food (diversified food diet)
Men (husband) want the wife to do housework rather participating in the meeting of the women group.
  • In cooperation with the village chief and elder people of the indigenous minority group to organize the training for men in order to make them to understand gender and women’s issues
  • Film show, theater… should be displayed for the villagers especially indigenous people.
Women lack of capital to invest in generating the family’s incomes (including both on-farm and off-farm activities) and most of the loans provided by the group focused on consumption (buying food, disease treatment, children education etc)
  • Encourage the group members to deposit more saving money
  • Set up quota for providing loan, for example at least one loan per month is provided for livelihood activities.
Commune council members and other local authorities lack of understanding of gender and they do not actively support women’s focal point to support women in the commune.
  • Provide commune council members and women’s focal point with training on gender

At the end of the meeting, we have received much information that is useful for writing the proposal (CEDAC and CIVES MUNDI). During this week, we will work (with Borja and Silvia) to write the full proposal. On the other hand, we also need some supporting documents “cooperation letter from the Provincial Department of Women’s Affairs”, and “Map of the project’s target area”.