A project team meeting of HMB4 (Happy Mountain Bird phase 4 / Ensuring Access to Primary Education for Children of the Poorest Families) was conducted. Mr. Fukushima who is the project donor of HMB4. In total, 41 participants attended the meeting, including one project donor, three students from the Royal University of Agriculture (RUA), one translator, one project director (Mr. Sim Samoeun Executive Director of CEDAC), one project leader, one M&E officer, one education officer, four area leaders and twenty eight field trainers. The main purposes of the meeting were to recall the background of HMB for the project staff as well as to set up monitoring system of HMB4.

At the first day of the meeting, Mr. Fukushima recalled the historical background of HMB project with CEDAC since HMB1 until HMB4. Furthermore, he also mentioned about the factors contributing to the success of HMB project in each phase. It is to notice that HMB1 was started in May 2005 covered in 49 villages in Prey Veng and Takeo Provinces. After that, he discussed with the project staff about the monitoring system of HMB4. Criteria of the target poorest families and sub target families, how to check school attendance of the target children, and important monitoring tools were discussed and determined during the meeting.