After the implementation of CEDAC’s project, titled “Improving Food Security for Women and Rural Poor in Mondulkiri” for one year, there are now 231 farmers in 31 villages across 10s communes of 2 districts (Pichrda and Koah Nheaek) applying the ecological System of Rice Intensification (SRI) on the cultivated land of 29.78 ha. The yield from SRI practice is 3.88 ton per hectare which is higher than the traditional practice, the traditional practice provided only 2.5 ton/ha on average.

The SRI farmers would like to expand the rice production through the practices of SRI in the next season. On the other hand, the farmers who have not practiced SRI in the previous season have shown interest to apply this technique in the next season. In order to ensure an increase in number of SRI farmers in the next season, CEDAC’s staff will provide more training support on SRI, organize SRI transplanting day and also organizing the harvesting day to strengthen farmers’ understanding of SRI.