Saing Thy, 34 years old, a cooperating farmers of the Prolinnova program since 2008, who live in Samrong village, Samrong commune, Prey Chhour district, Kampong Cham province. She has rice field of 1 ha, including 0.5 ha for wet season rice production and another 0.5 ha for dry season rice production. In addition, she has only 0.03 ha for vegetable growing area.visit

After cooperating with the Prolinnova program, she conducted an experiment by comparing the growing of tomato with the use of solid compost and tree leaves in combination with toilet effluent. As a result, solid compost could provide better yield and then she disseminated her finding to other ten farmers, 3 out of 10 farmers followed her practices.

She added that she has some positive changes after cooperating with the Prolinnova program such as:

  • Improved reporting skill, gained capacity to record the data and simple analysis
  • Know how to calculate the income, expense and profit
  • Increased the income from farming activities, before cooperating with the program she made income of 3 million riels (approximately 750 USD) but it is 4.5 million riels (approximately 1,125 USD) now.
  • Be able to generate more ideas for the experiment
  • Dare to speak in the public and better communication with the others
  • She became a farmer trainer who made income of 260 USD per year.

She is very happy with the result after cooperating with the Prolinnova program because it provided her with important knowledge and capacity to generate more incomes. In the near future, she will continue another experiment.